Assessment of REACH conformity of safety sheets

Expert opinion on water protection and pollution in surface waters Preparation of a specialist waste management audit

Establishment of a Sustainability Council

Studies on the restriction of the 12 most dangerous pollutants

Studies on the European aluminum market Communication for steel recycling companies                            

Sustainability report for the research-based pharmaceutical industry Support for waste management companies

Classification of substances and waste in accordance with waste and hazardous substances legislation

Application of REACH to the recycling industry Sustainability report for the pharmaceutical industry

Report on the contributions of the energy-intensive industry for the energy transition Report on the construction of a new thermal treatment plant in the Ruhr area Assessment of the effects of REACH and GHS on various sectors Moderation/mediation Godorfer Hafen

Resource efficiency in the chemical industry

REACH/GHS implementation in various industries Climate protection and waste - economic instruments develop REACH implementation in the European plastics industry Expert opinion - "Cadmium contamination in glass processing”

Resource efficiency - developing indicators for different industries

DBU research project "Europe-wide take-back systems for solar modules - RESOLAR"

Inquiries on the implementation of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive in selected EU Member States

Support of a rating coach for the waste management industry

REACH relevance and effects, analyses for individual companies in different industries

Publication of the book "Nachhaltige Energiepolitik (Sustainable Energy Policy)" Specialist training courses on waste management studies on monitoring the End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance

Environmental communication for the waste disposal and recycling industry Review of a “Responsible Care Management System”

Management of the waste management company of a private rail freight company

Press and public relations work for an electrical and electronic waste service provider

Studies on the Turkish environmental and waste disposal market

Foundation concepts for the environmental sector

Studies on separation systems for household waste in EU member states

Lobbying concept for waste disposal companies

Impact assessment of legislation / REACH and the secondary raw materials industry



Environmental communication Press and public relations, specialist articles, freelance journalistic work, press spokesperson function for companies and associations,

Sustainability reporting and sustainability projects: Support of large medium-sized companies and corporations in the preparation of corresponding reports and support in the search for projects with a social and ecological background,

Disposal management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste,

Commissioner system: Provision of external environmental officers such as emission control, waste and accident officers,

Training/further training for specialists and managers from companies (work in the areas of environmental management, environmental law, waste disposal management, specialized waste management companies, etc.).

Legal impact assessment and lobbying activities for companies and associations (an increasing density of regulations at European and federal German level makes it necessary, above all, to prepare medium-sized companies for the new legal situation in good time with the help of an impact assessment and, if necessary, to assess the consequences)

Studies and expert opinions on the implementation of environmental law.

Audits for the implementation of DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management system)

Implementation of the REACH Regulation| Registration, preparation of safety data sheets...

Classification of substances, mixtures and wastes according to environmental and substance law (accident law, plant ordinance on substances hazardous to water, waste inventory ordinance...)

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